Remote Monitoring System
Known for its user friendly design, this Remote Monitoring System is a wonderful solution to minimize fuel consumption rate of generators and pumps located in remote sites. Easy to control, this system can be configured via desktop software.
Solar Pump Controllers
Solar Pump Controllers are reckoned for their trouble free operation, compact shape and ease of handling. Featured with MPPT algorithm based mechanism, these controllers are preferred for their prolonged working life.
Known for its high discharge rate, this energy efficient Solar Pump is reckoned for its reliable operation. Powered by stainless steel DC motor, this high performance pump is appreciated for its high speed operation.
Micro Inverter
Offered Micro Inverter is used as reliable DC to AC power conversion solution. With having IP standard protection, this inverter has long working life. Its reverse power transmission technology is one of its key features.
Solar Water Pumping System
Offered Solar Water Pumping System deserves praise for its uninterrupted operation, long working life and high automation degree. This high performance pumping solution deserves praise for its low operation cost.
Rooftop Solar System
Offered array of Rooftop Solar System is the reliable option to obtain and store solar power. Equipped with photovoltaic cells, this solar system is preferred for its simple installation process, low maintenance cost and Eco friendly operating mode.
Solar DC Submersible Pump

A solar DC submersible pump is a type of pump that is powered by solar energy and is designed to operate while fully submerged in water. Such pump is used to move water from a water source to a desired location, such as a reservoir or a water tank.


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